Apple ditches the touch-Id and now has the face-id.

Apple’s stance to bring Face ID into a reality was just another intriguing decision. It pretty much turned out to be a critical hype over a couple of months till now after ditching the most reliable touch ID.

Although initially users to adapted and tried to get used to it but as they say behind every innovation there are both pros & cons closely associated with it.

Apple Face-id with newer tech.
Apple now ditches the touch-id and only has the face-id. Credits: iMobile

Well, it’s just a piece of cake to unlock your phone using facial recognition. But what if you stuck behind in a position where you’re phone no longer recognizing you?

Isn’t it as comparable to a nightmare, I’m sure it may be to most of you but that really doesn’t mean you can never unlock it.

Yes, to mitigate your stress to some extent here is the fix for it.

Below are a couple of tips for you to come out of this false situation when your X-series iPhone or iPad Pro stops identifying your face Id.

Fix you Face ID Recognition for Apple

Check if the iOS is up to date.

Whenever any feature of your smartphone is not behaving as expected, the first thing you can check is if your phone software is updated.

A fix to Face-Id is to be up to date with iOS updates.
Check for the iOS update and if available download it. Credits: Tek Revenue

In order to do this go to Settings->General->Software update. If there is an update available then just tap on it and get the latest updates.

Camera obstructed

Most of the times when face id gives issue they are due to an obstruction in the camera sensor. Camera not clean – may be some small dirt particles or grease or your own fingerprints. Try cleaning the camera to remove any hitch. The device should also indicate if there is any obstruction with an arrow pointing towards the camera.

In iPhones, you can use face id in portrait mode only to ensure how you are holding the phone. It should be vertical orientation and should be held at arm’s length or closer.

Remove any obstruction to camera.
Remove any appearance that might be causing the camera not recognise you. Credits: iMore
Is that you?

Check your face that is what is your phone asks sometimes. Your fingerprints may not vary but your face can when you change your appearance. So try removing those sunglasses or new makeup. Maybe beard grown or removed suddenly can give you some hiccups while unlocking your phone. True depth sensor sometimes fails when you wear sunglasses which block infrared rays. Remove the glasses and try.

Is Face Id option enabled?

Check if the setting of the phone is enabled to use Face Id.

You can verify in Settings->Face ID and Passcode and check if all options on Face Id features are on in Use Face Id section.

Let’s try with new Id

If the above points are not putting you back on track then try setting up new Id. You can create an additional profile which can be used by your iPhone.

Settings->Face Id and Passcode-> Set up Alternate Appearance

Enable Face Id.
Steps to be followed to enable face id. Credits: iMore

Follow the device instructions by moving your head around till it captures your appearance by clicking continue and then tap on Done. Now check if your phone recognizes your latest look to unlock the device.


If all above does not help then you can clear out everything and start it again.

Settings->Face Id and Passcode-> Reset Face ID

This will wipe out all the previous Face Id information. Now you can setup fresh Id and begin using your phone with an updated appearance.

Hope these tips resolve your issue and you continue to enjoy unlocking your phone with your one look.

In case you are still struggling then reach out to Apple Support. Maybe your phone needs some physical diagnosis.


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