You might have heard about how Texas faced extreme frozen weather last year. And how its residents were dealing with the entire situation.

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Well, a similar extreme condition is creating a disturbance in the lives of the residents of the US and Canada. The only difference is that here residents are dealing with insane heatwaves. 

My Parents Live Outside Of Seattle And Set Up A “Pool” For Their Resident Raccoon. I Think She Appreciated It

Dad Made Me A Pool To Beat The Heat!!!!

Wife And I When We Bought Our House: “Omg The Skylights! We’ll Have So Much Natural Light!” Today: “Omg How to Make Stop Heat Rays Of Death”

104 Degrees In The Shade In Our Barn . Doing Our Best

Looks Like My Candles Need The Blue Pill

Here’s How Hot It Is In Portland Right Now, This Is My Neighbor’s House And The Vinyl Siding Is Blistering Off His House Under The Sun In The 108 Degree Heat

Might Have Out-Rednecked Ourselves This Time

I Kept On Hearing Strange Popping Noises. Looked Outside And…


My Ac Exploded On A Recording Breaking Heat Wave In Oregon

Before And After Of My Hydrangeas In The Portland Heat Wave. Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Got So Hot In Portland Today That Denver St Buckled

Having To Use All My Fans And Constant Ice Packs Just To Keep My Fish From Cooking In The Heat Wave…

It’s Not That Hot

Try To Find Shady Areas Or Grass If You Need To Take Your Pets Out

State Route 544 Milepost 7 Near Everson, Wa Is Currently Closed. The Asphalt Roadway Is Buckling And Unsafe For Travel

Snow Melt From Excessive Heat In Bc

In Case You’re Wondering Why We’re Canceling Service For The Day, Here’s What The Heat Is Doing To Our Power Cables

Multitasking At The IKEA Lot

It’s So Hot In Portland My Uncle And I Filled His Skateboarding Bowl With Hose Water

We’re At Kate’s Ice Cream In Ne Portland. This Walk-In Freezer Is Supposed To Sit At Temperatures Around -10

Psa. If You Park Under Or Will Be Parking Under Train Tracks, Tar Is Melting Off Of Them And It’s Not Fun To Clean Off

The Heat Cooked My Roses!

Two Windows In The Master. Two Ac Units. Goodnight Cruel Sauna- I Mean, Seattle

The Heat Wave Hitting Bc Is Reeking Havoc On My Toy Room. Things Are Warping/Bending And Figure Joints Seem To Be Getting Loose And Making Stuff Fall Over

Fans Are Bit The Only Thing Seattle Stores Have Sold Out Of During The Heat Wave. Good Luck Trying To Get Ice Cream

Target In Hollywood District Can’t Keep Up With The Heat. Don’t Expect To Get Anything Cold Here

Seattle Grocery Stores In A Heat Wave Just As Bad As Before A Snow Storm!

Took Advantage Of Today’s Heat To Bake Cookies In My Car

Just Got Back From A Couple of Nights Of Camping To Try To Avoid Some Of The Heat And…I Guess We Need To Add A Mark For 40 On The Thermostat?

Final Results To The Egg-Experiment: 45 Minute Slow Cook. Added The Egg To Avocado Toast. Fire Did Not End Up Eating But It Sure Looked Tasty!