On Friday, picketing Writers Guild members caused some issues on the set causing Sason 4 of “Evil”  being wrapped up earlier than expected. Also, a cast member of the Paramount+ show is taking a leave of absence due to a personal family matter. This is why the production seems to be ending early.


A source close to the series stated that an undisclosed actor’s temporary exit from the show was the reason why filming ended sooner. There was, however, no filming on Friday as the Writers Guild members on strike held a demonstration near the set.


Season 4 of “Evil” was supposed to have 10 episodes so it isn’t clear if the early end of the production is going to affect this in any way.

On Friday, “Search Party” writer and public radio producer, Starlee Kine tweeted a picture of striking Writers Guild members. She discussed how the protesters disrupted the “Evil” set, saying that the filming stopped around 1 a.m.

A handful of us walking in a tiny circle cost them the day’s shoot,

Kine wrote.

We were told the producers were pissed. They kept the crew there for hours, sitting on the sidewalk. We felt the solidarity. We’ll win this whole thing together.

The IATSE crew was across the street from us the entire time, not crossing the picket line,

Kine said.

They bought us ice cream, asked us if we had any song requests. It was one of the crew, Henry’s, birthday and they sang him happy birthday and we sang it too from across the street.

Kine also posted a TikTok made by a member of the IATSE crew that night, showing the writers’ picket line and the crew’s production standstill.

In her social media posts, Kine talks about Jonathan Bines, Joseph Opio, and Harry Cooke, who are among the protesting writers. Kine also posted a video of the group picketing near the set at Broadway Stages in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The series “Evil” got renewed in July 2022, when episodes of its third season were airing. Katja Herbers plays the role of a forensic psychologist named Dr. Kristen Bouchard in the psychological mystery series. She investigates supernatural events along with a Catholic priest named David Acosta, which is played by Mike Colter, and a technology expert named Ben Shakir, played by Aasif Mandvi.

Robert King and Michelle King, the creators of the series also work alongside Liz Glotzer, Rockne S. O’Bannon, and Nelson McCormick as the executive producers. The series “Evil” comes from a collaboration between CBS Studios and King Size Productions. The distributor of the show is Paramount Global Content Distribution.