Everything new in Apple’s iOS 13 update

    iOS 13 Release Date

    Apple has yet to officially declare the iOS 13 and its features. The new version of iOS will bring some new features and some that are already available on the competition.


    Let’s delve into the expected and rumored features of iOS 13 update:

    1.Dark Mode

    It has to be the most hyped feature of iOS 13 update. There are several renders making round on the web. It is expected the new version of iOS will provide an option to enable a system-wide dark or pitch black theme.

    Apple’s major competitor Google has already announced that it will support dark mode in Android Q. There are several third party ROMS that support dark mode already.

    iOS 13 Dark Mode

    2.Support for faster gestures

    Till now users had to shake their tablet to cancel but a new three-finger swipe gesture in iOS 13 update will enable this functionality.

    3.Revamped Mail

    The mail application of iOS update has not changed for years and it demands a major UI overhaul. According to the reports, the newer iOS is touted to have better categorization as emails can be segregated on the basis of category.

    4.Better Safari

    It should be noted that there are a number of sites that are not optimized mobile view. The next iOS 13 update will feature an option to automatically open websites in desktop view.

    5.Improved Multitasking on bigger devices

    A new render suggests that Apple is working hard to improve the multitasking on bigger devices such as the iPad.

    iOS 13 Render

    The concept showcases a drag and drops mechanism to allocated screen estate to a different application.

    6.Readjustment of Volume Slider

    The Volume HUD on iOS 12 is obstructive because it covers the whole screen. However, the new update will move the slider to the side of the screen and can be dismissed easily.

    iOS 13 update Release Date

    We expect Apple to launch iOS 13 at WWDC in September alongside their new flagship.

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