When it comes to kittens, playtime means everything! If you have a young cat, you know that your pet is full of energy and needs constant stimulation.

Playtime is an absolute necessity for kittens, and a cat tunnel gives them the stimulation they need by allowing them to peek, play, hide, and seek.

The pet industry has become one of the most successful industries on the market.

With people adopting and rescuing new animals—especially quarantining in the pandemic—many pet owners have begun to spend more money on their little loved ones. And, due to this, the industry has been booming more than ever before. That’s why companies have begun to create innovative and interesting pieces for pets.

In many homes, pet owners struggle with finding space for their pets.

There are people all over the world who have specific rules for their dogs and cats. While many pet owners allow their pets on the sofa and on the furniture, there are others who don’t allow their pets on their furniture at all. There are dozens of reasons why pet owners are particular about this.

Keeping pets off of furniture is a deliberate move for many owners.

There is a ton of controversy around pet owners who do not allow their animals to go on their couch and their furniture.

To combat this, some people buy and invest in furniture covers.

Furniture covers are one way that pet owners can combat this kind of issue, covering couches and chairs so that there are no holes and pet hair all over the place. But, some feel that the covers take away from the furniture overall—making the furniture look like different pieces altogether.

Instead, there are some people who have been coming up with new ways to make pets and owners live side-by-side.

Owners don’t necessarily want to leave their beloved pets on the floor forever, so finding a way to make furniture that satisfies everyone is key.

One company found a way to get extra creative with couches.

“South Korean designer Seungji Mun has created a sofa concept that is designed to keep your cat happy as you sit back and relax. Dubbed the Cat Tunnel Sofa, the concept tries to provide a fluid harmony between the daily activities of pets and their owners.”

“For humans, the cat tunnel sofa is just a comfortable sofa, but for the cats, it is their playground and a comfortable bed,”

The playing course gives pets the opportunity to stay close to their owners while they watch television or socialize on the sofa. “My favorite feature of the Cat tunnel sofa is the tunnel which looks like a pipe,” said Mun.

“Through [the] pipe, cat and human communicate each other. The pipe is for human’s comfort, but at the same time it becomes a playground for the cat.”

The designers, Seungji Mun, Yongjeh Park, and Kangkyoung Le realized that combining the best of a sofa and a cat toy would be ideal.

The Cat Tunnel Sofa features a play tunnel that runs along the arm, back, and side of the sofa. The creative design not only complements the sofa’s modern appearance but also provides a playground specifically created for the way cats behave.

The “Cat Tunnel Sofa” is a comfortable and versatile sofa that also includes cat activities.

“Yongjeh Park and Kangkyoung Le saw an opportunity to ensure that couches can stay scratch-free and also hole-free by creating a tunnel from the bottom of the sofa—on the floor—to the top where cats can crawl around and get to the top without having to jump on the sofa.”

The tunnel is absolutely adorable, too.

“One would think that adding a cat toy to the couch would make it look rather bulky and strange, but instead, it really does flow and fit well together. The tunnel looks like a couch arm and it’s pretty cute to have your cat pop up on the top of the couch.”

According to the designers, cats love it!

“We tried it out and the cats took a fresh interest in the cat tunnel for the first time. And later on, they did go into the tunnel and took rest and played,” designer Seungji Mun shared.

A way for pet owners and pets to both be happy—a win/win.