The Eurovision song contest 2019 has been amazing so far with lots of new talents and tough competition. The first semifinal of Eurovision 2019 will take place on Tuesday, May 2019. Semifinal was supposedly dated on 16th of May with the grand finale on Saturday, May 19.

The one who’d earn the as the Eurovision 2019 will be an exciting thing to see. Both semifinals will be full of excitement as we finally get to see who among contestants will make it to the end. Here is how you can live stream Eurovision 2019 online.

Live Stream Eurovision 2019

Eurovision 2019 livestream online

For those living in the UK region or can access the channel BBC Four, are able to watch it live on TV. BBC Four channel streams the live episode for the song contest at 8 pm on the scheduled days, live from Tel Aviv, Israel.

While the rest of the world can watch Eurovision 2019 live on Youtube. Every episode and other special features are uploaded on its official channel, Eurovision Song Contest. Just after the original episode airs, users can watch the performance on Youtube for free.

Which countries are included in the Finals?

Eurovision 2019 livestream online

As of now, there are 6 countries who already have secured a place in the finals. According to the rules, the host country is directly qualified for finals, which puts Israel in the final group. While the singers representing France, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy have also qualified for the contest’s grand finale.

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How will they decide the Winner?

Eurovision 2019 livestream online

Eurovision 2019 semifinal-1 will have a total of 17 countries performing in the out of which 10 will be selected for finals. Similarly, 18 countries will take part in semifinal-2 and 10 will also be selected for finals. Thus a total of 26 countries (6 finalists + 10 from semifinal-1 + 10 from semifinal-2) will compete for winning the trophy.

We’d get to see the ultimate winner on Saturday, May 19. The vote count of all three judges, along with the votes from jury and public will select the winner.