Ethereum Miners Unable To Upgrade To Constantinople!

It seems like Ethereum’s going through a lack of miners on its main test network, Ropsten. Its been a while since Ropsten is on a standstill.

Ethereum’s new hard fork, the Constantinople was set to be activated as soon as Ropsten reaches block number 4,230,000. But Ropsten network is already stalled at block 4,299,999.

The release manager for Parity (ethereum client), Afri Schoedon explained that due to the lack of miners, who are unable to upgrade their blockchain, there was so much stall on Ropsten network. Constantinople is released on Ropsten, but only the miners failed at upgrading their software.

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There has been a lot of contradicting statements being released by ethereum developer Peter Szilagyi and Schoedeon but no solid affirmation has yet been released. As of the current time, the Ropsten testnet is still stuck and the developers are trying their level best to run Constantinople and progress their blockchain forward.

Ropsten is a pretty useful tool for all the ethereum develops, allowing them to check the performance of their new code in an environment independant of the private chain.

Source- Coindesk

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