ESPN Thinks Lakers Might Lose Their Remaining Games if LeBron Doesn’t Return

    Lebron James

    Things are not looking good for the Los Angeles Lakers as their star LeBron James is still unable to recover from injury.

    James is out for nine straight games due to a groin. This has been the longest ever spell out hurt of his career and as experts think, this is not a piece of good news for the Lakers.

    The LA Lakers have somehow managed to win their games against the Dallas Mavericks and Detroit Pistons, which helped them gain a place at the playoffs in the Western Conference.

    But the things are not going to be so easy from now. LA Lakers will be facing the giants of the game in their upcoming matches. They have matches scheduled with the Bulls and The Cleveland Cavaliers. And they’re going to miss LeBron James good time in those.

    ESPN Expert Has Some Words for the Lakers

    ESPN’s NBA Expert Amin Elhassan is sure that if James doesn’t return till Lakers game with Thunder, the playoffs will again be just a dream for the Lakers, as it is from the last five year. Amin believes that Lakers should have defeated Sacramento easily, but the absence of James made it impossible.

    ESPN NBA Expert Amin Elhassan

    Source- Sports Blogs

    Amin has also said that if LeBron doesn’t return soon, Lakers will lose against the Pacers, The Celtics as well as against The Sixers. If LeBron doesn’t play against the Bulls, Lakers will have the record of 18-3 in favor of loss against the Bulls.

    Update on LeBron James’ Injury

    LeBron is still struggling with a strained groin he had during the match on Christmas Day. There’s no news on the recovery till now.

    Lebron James is still recovering from injury

    Credits – Cavaliers Nation

    The best news we have on James right now is that he was evaluated with the medical staff and physicians last week and that his healing is progressive.

    The next update is expected to come on 16 January. James is still doing standstill shooting practices though.

    Source- Express UK , Mirror

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