The adage “love can move mountains” has been disproven by a Californian couple, who have shown that love can also climb mountains. Ashley Schmeider and James Sisson opted to get married on Mount Everest because they felt that a traditional wedding ceremony wasn’t appropriate for them. They took some very amazing wedding shots, as you can probably anticipate.

The adventure took Ashley, 32, and James, 35, a full year to plan and prepare for, and when they eventually arrived in Nepal in early March, it was no stroll in the park. They spent more than three weeks climbing with their photographer Charleton Churchill to the 17,000-foot Base Camp Everest, where they exchanged vows after battling through deep snow, icy conditions, and altitude sickness.

We can only hope that this couple’s marriage endures hardships as well as they do! Follow their captivating journey to the amazing conclusion seen below.