England hosts UEFA Women’s EURO


UEFA Women’s EURO will be hosted by England in the year 2021. This announcement was made by the FA-English Football Association in the Executive Committee meeting of UEFA at Dublin.

England had already hosted the final tournament for last eight teams in UEFA Women’s EURO in the year 2005. If England hosts this 2021 EURO event, then this will be England’s second line to the feature 16. The final and last tournament will be happening in the year July 2021. This will be hosted with Wembley who has chosen to stage the final match after Men’s UEFA EURO in the year 2020.

The venues for the final tournament are proposed in prior. Along with the venue details they have also charted out the format, entries and qualifying criterions with scheduled dates have been released. Match schedules as well as the match regulations also have been listed.

Source: Uefa, Bbc

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