A terrible incident happened on the sets of Mr. Rogers, an upcoming movie of Tom Hanks. James Emswiller died after he had a heart attack and fell off the balcony.

Apparently, Emswiller, who is the Emmy winner of 2015, was on a smoke break on the second story balcony when the things started to turn terrible. Tom Hanks was also there on the sets that night when Emswiller fell and died. They were shooting for the movie “You Are My Friend” which is the biopic of Fred Rogers.

Emswiller was standing alone in the balcony and suddenly other crew members heard the sound of someone falling from the balcony. Everyone rushed to him immediately and the nurse on the set also tried to assist him, but it was of no avail as Emswiller was in cardiac arrest.

The crew took him to UPMC Mercy Hospital and he was pronounced dead by the hospital after three hours. James Emswiller was sixty one and won an Emmy for Outstanding Sound Mixing for “Bessie”, a HBO series.

The fall happened at 7:28 at Mt Lebanon and he was reported dead at 10:36 at UPMC Mercy Hospital where he was taken after the fall.

CBS Pittsburgh, who was a witness to the incident, said,

All of a sudden all of these lights were just everywhere, and they started inching closer toward us shining into the bar, and I was like what is happening out there, and there was just people everywhere, people on the curb sitting,

We asked, what’s happening inside and they said they’re making a Mr. Rogers movie or something.

We feel really sorry for the unfortunate event and are thoughts are with James Emswiller’s friends and family during this difficult time.

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Source: tmz.com, unilad