The rapper Eminem has won the hearts of people worldwide. He has been a style icon and idol for many fans. But, at the same time, we cannot deny the fact that Eminem was once caught in drug addiction. But, his story of transforming into a sober person has inspired many. And, recently Eminem has proudly celebrated 12 years of his sobriety.

The 47-year-old Grammy awardee shared a picture of the sobriety coin that he has received from Alcoholics Anonymous. He proudly wrote: “Clean dozen, in the Books! I’m not afraid.”

Eminem's Sobriety Coin: 12 years being sober

Eminem has always openly discussed his drug addiction in the past. There was a time when he used to take up to 30 Vicodins and 40 Valiums in a single day when he was highly dependent on drugs. In the documentary, How to Make Money Selling Drugs, Marshall tells that he felt no pain when he took his first Vicodin. But, he never came to know when it started becoming a problem. He used to tell people to get out who used to tell him that he was dealing with a drug problem.

But, Eminem’s world turned upside down when he was hospitalized due to the methadone overdose in 2007. His organs were shutting down. But, Eminem managed to improve his health. And this was the incident that motivated him to become sober.

And, now he is celebrating his 12 years of sobriety. All his fans have showered love on his post on Twitter. And many have congratulated him on becoming a success story. Eminem has set out an example for all. If he can, everybody else also can.