Since its launch, Elon Musk’s Cheery-Red Space Roadster has been continuously moving far away from the Sun. It was launched earlier this year on February 6.

Latest reports say that the Tesla Space Roadster has reached its first highest point from the Sun. According to Mr. Ben Pearson, who is in charge of the site, reports that the Space Roadster’s position would be accurate in a day.

There were no updates from the Tesla Roadster since March, adds Pearson. After the initial few months of the spaceflight, the position of the roadster was tracked only with the help of the Hubble Space Telescope.

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However, the Tesla Roadster car along with its pilot have crossed the Mars and have reached farthest distance from the Sun. instead of entering the Mar’s orbit, the Tesla Roadster seems to be moving in the direction of the asteroid belt that is present between Mars and Jupiter.

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