Elon Musk is a man who is full of surprises. And his Boring Company is actually one of the most interesting companies of the world.

The high-speed, futuristic, underground traffic shortcut of the Boring Company might unveil on December 11. Elon Musk said on a Sunday tweet that his testing for the first underground “loop” transit “is almost done.”
He also mentioned that there will be a special event on Dec. 10, which we can guess would be the launch. There will be free rides for the public the next day. The event will take place at SpaceX headquarters at Hawthrone, Calif.

Source- Arch Paper

The loop is kind of a platform which will carry a vehicle under and around Los Angeles. The approximate speed will be around 155 miles per hour. Musk has also unveiled his plans to include transit pods for the pedestrians and cyclists. The approximate fare will be $1 per passenger.

This “Loop” should not be confused with Musk’s hyperloop plan. Hyperloop is a train traveling inside a pressure tube at supersonic speeds, and its meant only for longer distances.

Source- CNet.com