Elon Musk Is Delivering Tesla Model 3 By Himself

A move that is sure to please all the Tesla fans in Europe, Elon Musk is paying a visit to launch the Tesla Model 3. Elon Musk will also be visiting Norway, which is his third-biggest market.

Elon Musk shared his plans for the trip of Europe. He is going to cover both Tesla’s headquarters in Oslo and Amsterdam. He is also going to review the service in Norway since there has been some frustration because of delayed Tesla Model 3 orders.

Elon Musk Is Delivering Tesla Model 3 By Himself
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Tesla Model 3 coming to Europe

Earlier, Musk stopped in the Netherlands and the Belgian port Zeebrugge. As he shared in his tweet, it looks like he himself has brought the whole shipment of Tesla Model 3 cars to complete their European orders.

Tesla Model 3: The Norway Frustration

In order to resolve the constant delays in the region, Tesla almost doubled its staff there which saw the number cross 360 people. There had been continuous Tesla Model 3 delays at the third largest market for Tesla. They have taken steps to eliminate that, a company spokesperson confirmed to the media a couple of weeks ago.

Elon Musk Is Delivering Tesla Model 3 By Himself
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The operations at Norway are being closely watched by the Tesla CEO himself, as they have the world’s highest number of electric cars per inhabitant. This is because there is a huge incentive for electric cars by the government.

However, up until now, the capacity shortages at the firm were resulting in longer waiting times and frustrated Tesla Model 3 customers. Tesla already has 13 service centers in Norway and are planning to add two more as soon as possible, reported the company spokesman.

Source : Bloomberg


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