Elon Musk and SpaceX would like to colonize Mars with Big Falcon Rocket spaceships. Elon Musk established Space X, his rocket organization in 2002 in the wake of being disappointed with the way that NASA wasn’t doing what’s needed to get the general population to Mars.



Amid the course of events, he was pondering building up a reinforcement plan for humankind at once when  Earth turns into a dreadful no man’s land. Elon Musk who lives and inhales to colonize Mars has from that point forward not thought back. That is the soul with which he established SpaceX, his rocket organization, in 2002. Musk was baffled that NASA wasn’t accomplishing more to get individuals to the red planet – and concerned a reinforcement plan for mankind wasn’t being created (for when Earth turns into an appalling no man’s land).

From that point forward, SpaceX has built up a few noteworthy aviation frameworks: Falcon 1, SpaceX’s first orbital rocket; Grasshopper, a little self-landing test rocket; Falcon 9, a reusable orbital-class launcher; and Falcon Heavy, a super-substantial lift launcher.



A Big Falcon Spaceship and a Big Falcon Rocket are being produced to make the goal fruitful. The accompanying theoretical course of events is proposed to be acquired dependent on different detailing.

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2018: Build a dispatch bolster office in Boca Chica, a town close Brownsville, Texas.

2019: Debut the Big Falcon Spaceship.

2020-2021: Try to dispatch a full BFR, and get a spaceship into space.

2022: Launch two missions to Mars loaded with freight and supplies (yet no individuals).

2023: Launch the primary individuals with BFR and send them around the moon.

Maybe the 2030s: Construction of the main city on Mars.

The 2100s ahead: Terraform Mars into an Earth-like planet.

Source: Business Insider