Netflix released a new teen drama in October 2018 which immediately blew up and caught the attention of many viewers. The show has garnered a huge audience throughout a brief time, and it is now being called the Spanish cousin of Riverdale.

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Elite: The demographic

Elite season 2 release date NetflixIt offers a deep and dark look into the lives of high schoolers today. As a result, it has gained a fan following of young adults from a similar demographic as shows like 13 Reasons Why and Gossip Girl.

However since the show has an abundance of murder mysteries, nude scenes and thrilling turn of events, some of the fans have stated that it may be slightly over the top since they have experienced nothing like it in their high school. But the fact of the matter is that the edgy setting of the show is what sets it apart from other teen dramas.

What is Elite based on?

Elite season 2 Netflix release dateThe first installment was released with eight episodes and consequently, has gone on to receive several awards and nominations by Pop Sugar. That is why it is not surprising that the show has been renewed for a second season by Netflix.

It is based on a bunch of high schoolers going to an exclusive private school in Spain. The story begins when three underprivileged students enter the environment due to a scholarship grant.

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The show focuses on the clash between these new students and the rich brats that are already studying there. Besides dealing with these themes, the characters also have to deal with the murder of a girl.

Netflix is yet to announce the release date of Elite season 2, but you can watch all episodes of the first season right now.

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