EE, Three, Vodafone and O2 are four of the biggest network providers in the United Kingdom. With millions of users using their service every day, these telecommunications giants are among the most trusted brands in the region. EE vs Three vs Vodafone vs O2 UK Telecom Service ProvidersHowever, users often wonder how EE vs Three vs Vodafone vs O2 fare against each other when it comes to network speeds.

Every telecom network claims that they are the fastest. However, what do the actual numbers suggest?  The latest data from RootMetrics, which identifies the best wireless carriers based on various parameters has now presented a report on these top four brands in the UK. Let us take a closer look at EE vs Three vs Vodafone vs O2.

Score of EE Network Performance

EE, previously known as Everything Everywhere, has the following scores:

  • Reliability: 96.1
  • EE vs Three vs Vodafone vs O2 - EE network performanceSpeed: 91.3
  • Data: 95.5
  • Call: 92.6
  • Overall: 94.5

EE stands at a rather respectable score of 94.5 when it comes to EE vs Three vs Vodafone vs O2. The network has an impressive reliability score and the data performance is quite high too!

Score of Vodafone Network Performance

Vodafone is another giant in the UK. Here’s how it performs in the RootMetrics Test

EE vs Three vs Vodafone vs O2 - Vodafone Network performance

  • Reliability: 94.9
  • Speed: 89.3
  • Data: 94.3
  • Call: 90.4
  • Overall: 92.9
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With 92.9 overall points, Vodafone stands next to EE in the list. The company has good reliability and data performance – but the speed seems to be a concern.

Score of Three Network Performance

Here’s a look at how Three performs in the RootMetrics test:

  • Reliability: 95.6 EE vs Three vs Vodafone vs O2 - Three Network Performance
  • Speed: 77.6
  • Data: 89.7
  • Call: 92.6
  • Overall: 91.1

While most of Three’s metrics seem to perform better than Vodafone, it stands in the third spot when it comes to EE vs Three vs Vodafone vs O2. The speed of the network is rather slow, bringing down the average performance.

Score of O2 Network Performance

The following scores were obtained by the O2 network on the RootMetrics test:

EE vs Three vs Vodafone vs O2 - O2 network performance

  • Reliability: 94
  • Speed: 75.8
  • Data: 88.1
  • Call: 90.4
  • Overall: 89.5

The RrootMetrics tests put O2 as the lowest ranked of the top four major telecom service providers in the UK. When it comes to EE vs Three vs Vodafone vs O2, O2 ranks the least on reliability, speed, data as well as call.

Source: Express (UK)