In Digitails, Spider Hacker went by the name of Jamirov. The zero ship of Eden has been dismantled but will he be saved by the Hermit? This article will discuss chapter 40 of Eden’s Zero manga with its official release date and major/minor spoilers. So if you’re an Eden’s Zero fan and are avoiding any potential spoilers, we advise you to stop here and close the tab.

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Eden’s Zero Chapter 39 Recap: Story so far

Eden’s Zero Chapter 39 recap

Eden’s Zero chapter 39 has been titled as “Genius Hacker Spider” and will see Shiki along with others, getting back on the ship of Eden’s Zero where everyone is having a nice and relaxing time.

Hermit is still recovering and seems lost enough and she told others that she’d return to Digitails once she has recovered.

Genius Spider, who’s the best hacker ever, shows up on the screen, taking over the ship of Eden’s Zero. The hacker began destroying it. However, as it gets known, the hacker is actually Jamirov that they took down recent in Digitails. The Eden’s Zero ship can be saved by Hermit along with others but she chooses to ignore anything and everything around her. It looks like she has lost the will to live.

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Eden’s Zero Chapter 40 Spoilers

Eden’s Zero Chapter 40- Spoilers

Coming to Eden’s Zero chapter 40 spoilers, the manga chapter is titled Plan C7. This will see why Hermit doesn’t like humans at all and even her own self. The previous chapter saw scientists seeking Hermit’s help for making an accelerator which may help save lives.

Hermit agreed to this plan excitedly and we believe that the scientist may turn out to be evil which is why Hermit lost all trust in humans. All scientists have used Hermit in a degradable way before leaving her to die, with her soul in a broken state.

Eden’s Zero 40: Release Date

Chapter 40 of Eden’s Zero will come out on April 17, 2019.