Earthquake in Seattle

The city of Seattle has been recently hit by a large earthquake of Magnitude 4.4 on the Richter scale. The entire surrounding area of Puget sound was shaken up by the quake in early Friday morning at 3 am. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has issued a warning and alerted the people of Seattle and the surrounding areas.

The earthquake was so big that the effects were even felt until the Canadian Border. Even though the USGS has told that there is no fear of Tsunami, but nothing can be said for sure. The coastal areas are on high alert and people are advised not to use any boats or yachts. Here are the causes of the Seattle earthquake and the Twitter reactions of the affected people.

Seattle Earthquake Causes

Earthquake CausesThe origin of the earthquakes happened in Seattle is said to be somewhere around the Three Lakers near Washington. It is being reported that the underground surface was unstable for a long time due to seismic activities. The origin point was found to be 6 miles below the ground surface and was spread towards the Seattle city.

The main cause is said to be the underground shift goings because of the volcanic eruptions near the Everett. The shock waves traveled for about 9 miles and reached Seattle and surrounding regions. As the quake happened under a shallow region, there will be no chances of Tsunami, but a second wave can change that.

Twitter Reactions of the People

Seattle Earthquake

As the Earthquake was not of that high scale, not much damage to the physical property was done. The locals have reported that things in their house started shaking around 2.50-3.00 am in the early morning. There have been no reports of any lives lost and the officials have advised people to stay at a safe place. Here are some of the Twitter reactions of the people in Seattle that felt the earthquake.