Give a moment to take a look at these lovely dogs who are at their best behaviour.

1.Pretty Bella showing off her manicure like;

2. I bet no one can pull off that scarf off any better!

3. No body told us the new family member would be this perfect!

4. We running late for our deadlines like!

5. This good boy putting his best behavior on!

6. Someone can’t contain his happiness!

7. How we sleep in our classes like!

8. These doggos know angles better than most hoomans we know!

9. These twins just made our day10x better!

10. Wish doggos were immortal! 🙁

11. ‘Why is it given so much hype when I can easily do the same?’

12. Show us creatures more loyal than this, we will wait!

13. Waiting for its hooman like! Too precious!

14. Finally someone understood poor Newton!

15. Only we don’t look this gorgeous!

16. Our heart stopped at this heartwarming sight!

17. Is this a kitty or a doggo?

18. This doggo was too perfect for this world anyway!

19. This doggo is better than all the hoomans!

20.Heaven must be a happy place now!

21. Murphy does not like his pictures to be taken!

22. If you don’t model after scrubbing you’re not doing it right!

23. His happiness is too contagious!

24. The raincoat is too stylish!

25. Look at the peace of this dog! How are wanna leave this world?

26. Newspapers never looked this adorable, did they!

27. This boy is too precious and adorable for us!

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