The stories of encounters with snakes available on the Internet send a shiver down one’s spine. A story of this Australian driver clears that the case is no less than a nightmare. And this incident will definitely make you also shiver.

The whole case story was posted on Queensland Police’s official page. And believe us, this incident is a hair-raising one. The video posted by the department provides more information about the encounter.

An on-duty police officer spotted a vehicle uncontrolled and over-speeding on the highway. After chasing the driver, the officer came to know the whole incident. And he was quite amazed by what happened with the Australian man.

driver and snake

Jimmy the driver, was driving along the Dawson Highway of Queensland and at sudden an eastern brown snake came up from the gear side of the vehicle. Jimmy scared as the snake crawled towards his feet, however, he sought to apply the brakes but also timid to move his legs. He fought off the snake with the help of a knife and seat belt. He rushed to the hospital to assure himself for any bites, while he came out.

snake in cupboard

The officer promptly called the ambulance. “I’ve never been so happy to see red and blue lights,” Jimmy says in the clip. Thankfully, he was safe. Eastern brown snakes are highly lethal.


“That’s the stuff of nightmares,” exclaims a Facebook user. The poor man went through a very horrific scene. It is believed that when you are traveling through Eastern Browns areas everyone should know about first aid for snake bites. This driver has won the lottery-lottery of life.