Kakarot is the Saiyan name of Goku and the most important protagonist of the Dragon Ball Z metaseries. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot did an awesome job of adapting the storyline of Dragon Ball Z. Unfortunately, the fans are badly disappointed with the flaws of the endgame content.

The DBZ: Kakarot has finally arrived with the interesting part of this game is that it brought Whis and Beerus to the game. The Super Saiyan God form of Vegeta and Goku has been introduced. The positive sign of the game is that the contents are quite challenging.

As per the expectations of the fans are concerned there are some original episodes and also boss battle episodes. The main attraction of the game is to train enough to fight Beerus.

kakarot game

The post-launch support has made some striking flaws of the game visible. The DownLoadable Content which has been released is not finding it enough support to sort out the emerging problems.
There is a high chance that these flaws in the game will no sooner be fixed.

Thus they are expecting a new sequel of the game which will surely be going to fulfill the extreme dragon ball game experience. The fans were not that much convinced about the newly released game DBZ: Kakarot as the previous serious of games were the same based on the story of DBZ.

Well, this series of the game was getting highly repetitive. Prior to the release of its’s game, the projection was surfaced so much on the internet that it increased the anxiety of gamers to a certain extent.

The fans are too much curious about the quality and advancement of the game. To a certain extent, the DBZ: Kakarot was able to deliver its promise. But it failed to justify the reason for its come back to the hardcore fans.