Dragon Ball Super Season 2- New Episode Updates, Rumours And Release Date

The year 2015 saw Dragon Ball Super come back to the screens and now Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is speculated. Dragon Ball Super bring back many happy memories, but it also did delight many fans who got to see their favourite characters in action once again.

Dragon Ball Super ended airing on 28th March 2018. While the whole series ended in a very dramatic fashion, but all fans weren’t too happy to see the series get over.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: New Episode Updates

Dragon Ball Super Season 2- New Episode Updates

But soon after we saw the show getting over, it was announced that the series would also land with a film. This was known as Dragon Ball Super: Broly. He’s without a doubt one of the major characters in the whole Dragon Ball universe.

Dragon Ball Super was based on after the Tournament of Power events. It came out in December last year, and also broke numerous records. It went on to become the best-animated film that fans ever saw. It’s animation impressed both fans and critics. Dragon Ball Super was a marvel in today’s animation.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Rumours

Dragon Ball Super Season 2- Rumours

As we inched towards the end of 2018, rumoured of another Dragon Ball Super started surfacing. Initially, regarded as genuine. All these rumours were eradicated by Toei.

Toei doesn’t seem to be ready to kick off the series yet. However, we believe that it won’t be long until we get the news of its return. Why we are mentioning this is due to the regular updates via Dragon Ball Super manga series, and when we have got enough content for the second season.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2: Release Date

We have a confirmation regarding the next arc, so we believe Dragon Ball Super will come by 2019 end or early in 2020. Stay tuned for more.

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