The Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 12 will further intensify the conflict going with the whole show now getting carried onto Universe 7. Moreover, Universe 3 shall also see some action as revealed that Cunber has caused enough havoc in that particular reality.

‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 12: Spoilers

‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 12- Spoilers

The episode 12 of the show is entitled “Super Fighters Assemble The Decisive Battle Of Universe 7!”. This is where Goku and others will take on the Kamioren and Hearts. It is to look out for the Core Area’s leader capabilities for upcoming episodes. Sooner, may get an idea about the power level of Hearts for the forthcoming release, as reported by Comicbook.

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Meanwhile, Meta Cooler, who found out that he himself outfitted with the Golden Transformation, lending all strength to Trunks, will go against Cumber.

‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 12: Synopsis

‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 12- Synopsis

Excitement will continue as the series will provide plenty of technological advancement. This upcoming episode 12 may offer a modern action boost to Meta Cooler that could be an essential tech upgrade as he’ll be going against an extremely evil Saiyan.

Talking about Goku and the others, they will recuperate in the Universe 7 with some assistance by Kaio-Shin. On the other note, we still don’t know if Jiren will or will not enter the Universe 7.

The last release saw Pride Trooper finding himself trapped by hearts. The hugely powerful fighter breaks free of prison as all heroes need a lot of firepower to match that of the Hearts and the equally powerful allies.

‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 12: Release Date

It is said that the Dragon Ball Heroes’ next episode release date will come out next month. Fans must get updated because prior to this, there are no announcement for the specific release date.