Kid Goku

Bandai Namco has unveiled a new DLC character for the Dragon Ball Fighter Z and fans are going crazy over it. The new character is Kid Goku (GT), from the controversial Dragon Ball GT.

Kid Goku was initially introduced in a 1996 anime called Dragon Ball GT. The anime was disappointing for many hardcore DBZ fans because it shunned the fast pace and flashy battle scene.

As far as plotline goes Kid Goku came to life after the villain in the anime called King Pilaf cursed Goku back to his childhood.

Kid Goku and Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Dragon Ball Fighter Z has a roster of 30+ characters. 30 percent of these characters are different types of Goku.

Many have questioned the decision of Bandai to add one more Goku as a playable character.

Few people are loving the idea of the tin Saiyan being added to the roster. Kid Goku is going to be the third character after Jiren and Videl which will be added as a DLC.

The Dragon Ball Goku Day trailer didn’t reveal too much information about the character in the game. However, it showcased the battles and many transformations of the character.

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The announcement mentioned that Kid Goku has a lot of potential with special moves like Super Kamehameha, Power Pole, Super Spirit Bomb, and Reverse Kamehameha. Kid Goku also has the capability to transform into Super Saiyan 3.

Kid Goku and Dragon Ball Fighter Z DLC

The ability of Kid Goku to deal a lot of damage to the opponent makes him a great asset to the team. Kid Goku can perform all his special attacks in the air and ground.

Every character in Dragon Ball Fighter Z Pass 2 DLC will cost $4.99 individually. Players can buy all six of them at $24.99