Many have been sacked by Google for sexual harassment. These people include 13 senior managers who have been alleged with sexual harassment and are claimed to be doing so since 2016.

Sundar Pichai, the chief executive of Google, said that the tech giant will take a “hard line” for inappropriate conduct of its employees. The employees were given a letter stating the above. This letter was to act as a response to the report by New York Times that revealed that Andy Rubin, the Android creator, was given $90 million exit package despite the fact that he had misconduct allegations.

Andy Rubin

The allegations were denied by a spokesman for Mr Rubin. It was said that in 2014, Rubin wanted to leave Google for launching Playground, a technology incubator and venture capital firm. He was given a “hero’s farewell” as was described by the newspaper.

The letter by Mr Pichai which was addressed to the employees said that it was difficult to digest this news and Google will do anything it takes to provide a safe and inclusive place of work. He added that the company will review all the complaints regarding inappropriate conduct and sexual harassment and take action against it.

Mr Pichai even said that no employee got an exit package after being dismissed in the previous two years. Other sources report that Mr Rubin was asked by Larry Page to resign when the complaint was filed by a female employee. But Mr Rubin disagrees and claims that he left the company of his own accord.

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Google sign

An analyst working at Creative Strategies located in San Francisco, Carolina Milanesi tweeted that Google would do anything for avoiding retention issues with the female employees. The other tech companies may see little wrong in such practices among its employees, but Google is not going to let this go easily.

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