Dota Underlords release date beta

Valve recently release Dota Underlords which is an official version of a popular mod called Dota 2 Auto Chess. From release date to a quick comparison difference

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Dota 2 Auto Chess is mod made by Chinese developer Drodo Studios, and it has gained a considerable player base. Valve took a cue from the success of Dota 2 mod and unveiled their own official version.

What is Dota Underlords?

For those who have been living under a rock and haven’t heard about the Dota Underlords, it is a turn-based tactical strategy game which is developed by Valve.

Dota 2

Valve is the developer and publisher of the popular Half-Life and Dota games. Valve has released the game on iOS, Android and PC.

Dota Underlords: Explained

Dota  Underlords belongs to a new genre called autobattlers. In this game, eight players will battle each other until one player remains, similar to a battle royale.

Dota Underlords Features

Players will have to buy their heroes and place them on a grid of 9×9. These heroes then fight with the heroes of the opponent, which are lined in front of them.

Initially, powers of heroes and game mechanics might look complicated, so developers have provided a lot of information.

According to reports, Valve is planning to release the first season of Dota Underlords in next few months.

What is the difference between Dota Underlords vs. Auto Chess?

Since the original Auto Chess is a mod, it is a little bit complicated in comparison to Underlords.

Dota Underlords Release Date

Valve has made significant changes to the way the information is presented. The gameplay of both the games is nearly identical.

Dota Underlords: Release Date

Valve has not announced the official release date, but it is expected to be released alongside the first season.

Valve had released an open beta of the game on June 20 which allows players to check out the game before its official launch.