Tipping delivery people is seen as a nice thing to do, and many delivery drivers really appreciate it.

So what happens if you don’t tip the person who brings you your food? Well, they might just take your food without asking!

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One DoorDash driver ate a customer’s order because the customer only gave him a $1 tip.

On his TikTok account (@doordashtips2), the DoorDash driver writes about what it’s like to be a delivery driver.

He is known for criticizing customers who don’t tip, and he encourages people to think about tipping the person who brings them their food if they want it delivered.

Still, some people don’t give enough tips for the driver to be happy with.

This happened to this DoorDash driver when he went to Arby’s to pick up a customer’s order.

When the driver saw that the customer had only given him a $1 tip, he decided to get back at him in the worst way possible.

In a video that has been watched more than 400,000 times, the driver opens the bag that has the customer’s order.

This customer only tipped $1, let’s see what he got at Arby’s,

the driver says.

He lists the items, such as a beef and cheddar sandwich, French dip, and crinkle-cut fries, about which the driver seems to be most excited.

Oh man, that’s my favorite,”

he says.

The driver says something to the customer to end the video.

Thank you $1 tipper! Peace!

he said while laughing.

Some TikTok users said in the comments that the driver did the right thing and that he should have gotten a bigger tip.

Tip your delivery drivers if you can’t afford a tip don’t eat out,

one user commented.

I always tip. I know the DoorDash drivers are more likely to accept my order and get it to me faster. I tip for convenience,

another user shared.

But some users were shocked that the driver took a customer’s order without asking, and they pointed out that they didn’t have to tip at all.

A tip is a tip be thankful that money in your pocket might not be much but it’s the thought that counts. There are people who don’t tip,

one user pointed out.

Y’all want tips but tax and delivery are like 15 bucks alone,

another user shared.

Others said that DoorDash drivers can see how much a customer tipped before picking up an order, so they didn’t understand why the driver picked up the order when he didn’t have to.

Some people said they would never use DoorDash again, especially after seeing the video of the driver.

This is why I don’t have my food delivered way before DoorDash came about. There are some freaks out there,

one user wrote.


The customer’s order should come through Uber Eats the next time, we hope.