Doom Patrol left viewers with mixed emotions as they had no clue about the rag-tag band consisting of contemporary heroes.

Doom Patrol showrunner, Jeremy Carver, has a special interest in downright odd and uniquely quirky superheroes. Each of these superheroes has suffered a horrible accident which is responsible for the specific abilities they have. They all work together to investigate a weird phenomenon and find a common purpose.

Niles Candler, the mad scientist, disappears mysteriously after uniting Robotman (Brendan Fraser), Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero), Negative Man (Matt Bomer) and Elasti-Woman (April Bowlby). After that, Cyborg (Joivan Wade) takes up the task of giving them a mission to fulfill. The mission will lead them to face their fears, if they are able to succeed.

The mission will lead them to face their fears, if they are able to succeed.
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The audience was up for a roller coaster ride in Doom Patrol episode 1. Our heroes were totally messed up. The back story of the show helps the viewers to sympathize with the heroes. We also get to know about the powers of Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk), the villain in Doom Patrol episode 2. His manipulation power eventually takes down the entire town of Cloverton, taking The Chief and Crazy Jane along.

Doom Patrol Episode 2 witnesses our heroes emerging from the effects of the accident. Then, there’s the birth of Ezekiel, a peculiar born again Evangelical talking cockroach. Further, Cyborg learns about Cloverton’s disappearance. He decides to find out everything about it.

We see our heroes team up with Cyborg and save their father figure from Mr. Nobody. Along with being the villain, he is also the narrator of the Doom Patrol show. There’s nothing that is hidden from it. He knows about everything. He is the one who introduced the audience to the background of the heroes. So, our heroes have little to defend themselves in Doom Patrol episode 2.

Robotman and Crazy Jane’s Plans

Crazy Jane and Robotman are planning to save Elasti-Woman, The Chief and Negative Man. While Cyborg inspects the strange donkey. Robotman also acts as the unfortunate psychiatrist of Crazy Jane. The team also gets to know that Mr. Nobody’s crazy dimension can be accessed through the donkey who is acting as an inter-dimensional portal. He torments them by making them go through their past tragedies and accidents again.

Negative Man’s negative being saves the team finally. He tears up the inter-dimensional portal. This was only a warning. The worse is yet to come. Doom Patrol episode 2 ends here.

Doom Patrol Episode 2 Review

Overall, Doom Patrol episode 2 reviews have been more than satisfying. Only time will tell what DC has in store for us in the future, but as far as the present goes, Doom Patrol is off to a very decent start.

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