Donald Trump  may not be actively taking part in his business, but that doesn’t mean that he is not earning anything from it. President Trump is has made sizeable net worth for himself thanks to his several businesses every year.

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Donald Trump net worth takes a hit after favourite resort earning goes down

That being said, as per the latest annual financial report, his Mar-a-Lago resort did not perform as well as the previous financial year. Trump’s favorite getaway destination earned less in 2018. The documents that were submitted to the Government Ethics Office show that Trump earned around $434 million in 2018, which is a dip from the 2017 earnings of $452 million.

Donald Trump Net Worth 2019
Credits: Time Magazine

These net worth figures showcase the revenue earned from various businesses of Trump. It is certain that golf clubs and luxury resorts are boring huge chunks of money. There could be several contributors for low income in 2018 as compared to 2017 and Mar-a-Lago’s smaller contribution to the income could be one of the factors. The Palm Beach resort earned $3 million more in 2017 as compared to the previous year. In 2018, the Palm Beach resort contributed $22.6 million.

How much money Donlad Trump Makes

Another business located in Florida got Trump a huge income in 2018. The Trump National Doral including resort and golf course amenities brought in around $75.9 million in 2018. The POTUS is known for the hotel establishments as well. the Trump Tower in New York is the most popular location. But his another hotel in Washington, D.C. also brought large income as recorded in the annual report.

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Trump earned around $40 million from his White House neighboring hotel in 2018. Several other businesses of golf course and resorts outside the United States are also bringing in good amount of money. One golf course business in Turnberry, Scotland earned more than $23.4 million previous year.

Source: Econo Times, Forbes