A President’s cabinet is not considered particularly good when Energy Secretary Rick Perry can manage to run away from being considered the most corrupt or the least competent of the bunch.

He is now in the spotlight due to his moves which shows how unqualified he was for the job. He didn’t even fully comprehend his responsibilities when he first joined.

Credits: Washington Daily Report

Perry’s recent decision of awarding a no-bid contract for developing an advanced nuclear enrichment facility worth $115 million in Ohio is full of concern and surprise.

It is terrible that the competitive bidding process was not followed for issuing this contract. There was no evaluation of capabilities and cost of the companies who might have been legible for performing the specified task. Awarding the contract to Centrus Energy is an issue of concern.


Former government owned contractor Centrus Energy privatized back in 1998. However, the contractor continued its work of operating uranium enrichment plants in Kentucky and Ohio till 2013. The same year Japan was affected by Tsunami. This adversely affected the uranium prices all over the world after the destruction of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

The revenues of Centrus dropped from $2 billion to below $200 million after that. This led to bankruptcy filing by the company and it withdrew from the enrichment business.

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Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s chairman also sent a letter to Perry questioning his decision. He said,

This contract appears to use American taxpayer funding to bailout Centrus, an unsuccessful business that relies on commercial relationships with Russian state-owned corporations to stay in business.

Source: Washington Press, Washington Daily Report