The host of CNN, Don Lemon was reportedly fired after a distressed and unsettling on-air rant where he said that white men are the real threat to the U.S. and he also noted that “there isn’t a white-guy ban and then he wondered out loud by saying “what to people of America do about it?”

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Chris Cuomo and Lemon were reportedly having a discussion about the recent shooting that took place in Kentucky of two black men at the “Cuomo Prime Time.” The shooting is currently getting investigated on the basis of a hate crime as on this Monday, the colleague, and the guest took the conversation way off the rails and made things complicated.


Lemon said he usually points people out not to demonise any ethnicity or any other group and he also said that typically people think that the most significant terror is something else entirely. According to Lemon, some people march down towards the imminent border. Lemon said to his CNN colleague that people have to stop demonising other people as the most significant terror in this country in white men as they are privileged to the right and something needs to be done about them.

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Lemon then pointed out the fact the Cuomo is also a privileged white American male whose father used to the Democratic Governor of New York. Lemon also said that there is no travel band on the white people, there was the ban on Muslim people but the white people have never been banned, and people don’t do anything about it. Cuomo responded to Lemon’s word by saying that he was “making the right point.”

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However, critics who were watching the news analysis show reportedly denounced the strangely unconventional criticism, and CNN did not respond to a request for the comment immediately.

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This is the perfect example of racism getting into the mainstream media.