Domino’s menu update is news for pizza lovers who always crave for a crust. Making its way, a research study claims an effective way to boost motivation in the workplace. Domino’s is all set to roll out its fusion combination menu.

Although the new addition in the menu is a limited-time buzz, it’s surely a piece of news for pizza fans.

Pizza perks for good work!

A workplace is the same as our tummy; you need to increase the morale to avoid the army march going on.

Dominos menu Hawaiian SPAGHETTI pizza

Well-known Psychologist Dan Ariely conducted research for his book, ‘Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations’. The study found out that the best way to get most of the worker bees happy is to give out slices of the good stuff to them. To test his theory, Dan Ariely sent out three emails to his workers, working at an Intel factory based in Israel and gauged their response.

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Domino’s menu creates a buzz

On Sunday, Dominos posted a photo on their facebook account announcing the menu addition. The post revealed the addition of irresistible fusion combination – pineapple pizza and canned spaghetti.

Domino’s viral post was hard to believe until one looks by himself.

Domino’s has officially added Hawaiian Spaghetti pizza to its latest menu. The addition will last for a limited time and we are absolutely not joking around.

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Are you a pizza regular?

Pizza is among the few things worthwhile in life. If Pizza isn’t a regular part of your routine, then it better be.

According to a psychology study, Pizza is the superfood that we all need to get through the monotonous working day. What could be better than a big slice of pizza, with customized crust, covered with the toppings of your choice —  corn, pineapple, ham and oozed with cheese.

To all the diet conscious, non-lovers of pizza, there is a better motivator than the money itself, it is called – Pizza!