The veteran actor Dolph Lundgren discussed his battle with lung cancer, which has been going on for 8 years. He revealed this during an appearance on “In Depth With Graham Bensinger.”

Dolph Lundgren Opens up About "Devastating" Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Dolph Lundgren was first diagnosed in 2015 and underwent successful treatment. His lung cancer, however, came back in 2020 and at that moment, he was told it was terminal. The actor revealed his lungs, kidneys, and spine all had tumors.

They took out that one tumor it’s about that big,

he said, using his hands to describe the size of the tumor.

Then they took another the other two they found in another three small ones they found so six all together so hopefully it’s cleaned out, if it dies it dies, it will die I know,

he said.

In 2020 he encountered acid reflux that made him visit a doctor. He went through an MRI, and he had a total of six tumors removed. He was then told that he had another tumor in his liver.

So I was like sh**t, okay, at that point it started to hit me that this is kind of something serious. They did a scan to, um, you know prepare for surgery and the surgeon called me, um, and said no, uh, it’s grown now it’s too big we can’t take it out it’s like the size of it, like a small lemon,

he stated.

So now if they can’t take it out that means you have to do systemic therapy,

he said on the podcast.

At one point, Dolph Lundgren was told he only had 2-3 years to live. Lundgren was advised to take time off work and spend time with his loved ones.

I didn’t hear from the people at Cedars for six months, they never called me or anything. I think now thinking back they probably thought oh I’m a lost case,

Dolph Lundgren said.

He booked an appointment with a different doctor to see if there were other options, as his condition worsened.

I mean you kind of look at your life and going, I had a great life yeah I’ve had a freaking great life, I’ve lived like five lifetimes in one already but everything I’ve done and you know and so it wasn’t like I was bitter about it, it was just like you know, feel sorry for your, for your kid for my kids and my fiance and people around you,

Lundgren confessed.

Dolph Lundgren’s new doctor found a mutation in lung cancer and acquired medication that targeted that mutation with proven results. Dolph Lundgren’s tumors rapidly shrank by 20-30% and he was responding well.

So 2022 was basically watching these medications do their thing and finally things had shrunk into about 90 percent.

he said.

Now I’m in the process of taking out the remaining scar tissue of these tumors,

he said.

The treatment process has made Dolph Lundgren have a better outlook on life than ever.

You appreciate every day, every day I can be with people I love, and uh, you know, you just appreciate, you know, having a – being lucky enough to be alive,

he said.