When its the topic of dogs, there is a fine line of love and obsession. But what makes our dogs so special? Their behavior and love for us? Of course.Their cuteness and silliness? Definitely. The reasons could take up pages, but in a shortened version – dogs are loving, compassionate, smart, loyal, funny, and have very unique personalities.

Not only do they have wonderful personalities, but they can also have fur markings that are so unique that there’s no other dog in the world that looks the same.

#1 There’s certainly no other dog on Earth that looks like this beauty.

#2 How could you resist falling in love with this half tan and half black Pug puppy?

#3 Half of her face has the sweetest black markings.

#4 Speckled fur and light blue eyes – this dog is dreamy.

#5 Here’s another masked bandit coming to steal your heart. (Couldn’t resist the cliche).

#6 It looks like this little pup was dipped in some gray dye.

#7 A perfect black heart on an all-white face. Too adorable.

#8 This cutie pie was appropriately named ‘Pepper.’

#9 This happy Goldie was born with a black birthmark on their face.

#10 Believe it or not, this is a Yellow Lab named Bull. He’s a ‘chimera,’ which is basically an individual that is its own twin!

#11 A tiny little raccoon without its mask.

#12 This dog is half Husky and half Lab. Literally. Right down the middle.

#13 Doesn’t it seem like this dog needs a top hat with that fancy mustache?

#14 Fighting crime? Committing crime? Swim goggles? This pup’s eye markings are too cute.

#15 This dog is half Husky and half Lab. Literally. Right down the middle.

#16 It would be hard not to laugh every time this dog looked at you with those striking black eyebrows.

#17 Is that a small brown and white panda or a puppy?

#18 This sweet dog has an angel on its face.

#19 I don’t know what’s cuter – the caramel-colored eyebrows or the black heart on its nose?

#20 This Dachshund has a bit of every coat color possible for the breed.