The desire to start one’s own family is in our blood. Animals are no exception. When a mother dog gives birth to its little ones, she bonds with her pups instantly and won’t let lose them from her sight. She bonds with her pup through the sense of smell, which is why it’s a bad idea to separate a mother from its little one. The pup always has the undivided attention of its mother.

While we always promote ‘adopt, don’t breed or shop’ even I have to admit these puppies are gorgeous. And according to some research female dogs are more likely to be calm because of their maternal instinct.

So here are some photos of dogs with their puppies which will make you squeal with joy and excitement. You can’t ignore the cuteness of these puppies!

#1 The little one is trying its best to squeeze in the photo.

#2 Are these real dogs?

#3 Their ears are so adorable!

#4 Like Father Like Son

#5 A sweet moment between the two

#6 Baby pitbull giving some sweet kisses

#7 I can’t believe it! The pup is so tiny.

#8 Time for belly rub baby!

#9 A pup taking a nap in its mother’s arms.

#10 These puppy bums were all I needed to see today.

#11 Enjoying the warmth of the sun

#12 “Mommy, I’m hungry!”

#13 The pup has nothing to do with the dad

#14 For a pup, sleeping on its parent dog is the most comfortable thing ever.

#15 Don’t worry kiddo, it’s okay

#16 The mommy looks so happy and proud

#17 “I won’t ever let you go.”

#18 When your legs are too short to climb

#19 There’s always one kid who is the different one

#20 Can I boop you?

#21 Are they pandas or what?

#22 Safe in mama’s arms.

#23 Another cute boop

#24 The best pillow for a pup is its parent

#25 World’s largest pitbull with its puppies