Dog owners will definitely agree to the fact that the dogs can be great stagers. They are the real masters known to use their facial expressions to manipulate us, puppy eyes would steal anyone’s heart.

Simply by moving their eyebrows or with a kinky smile, they can win your hearts in seconds. I am sure you probably have thought once in your life about:  “My dog is a perfect actor!”

We have brought you the most charismatic dogs across the internet who could easily be considered in popular dramatic roles. Scroll down to check the inborn charisma in them.

When the boss asks if you can work late

Wow! That look!

Hey, buddy! Wanna buy me some dog treats?

Wanna buy me some dog treats

When you couldn’t care less about looking happy in a family photo

What’s up, hooman?

In case you don’t know what a dog’s smile really looks like…

Does this hoodie make me look slim, Mommy?

I didn’t do it! We have a cat, remember?

What do you mean you have no more dog biscuits for me?

 When your dog strikes a pose worthy of a spot on the cover of Forbes Magazine

That charming grin can have a million meanings

Did you wake me up only to say we’re going to the vet?

That gaze full of disbelief and suspicion…

Someone is a bit upset that I went running last night without him

This would be my dog’s tinder profile picture

This would be my dog’s tinder profile picture

When they say “cheese” and you try to rock your “natural” smile

When they say “cheese” and you try to rock your “natural” smile

My mom got my dad a new carrier for our long hikes! I’m thrilled…

This dog could play a leading role in a Hollywood movie and win an Oscar

This dog could play a leading role in a Hollywood movie and win an Oscar

Do you have a dog? Have you ever snapped a truly charismatic expression on your dog’s face? Share the pics of your charming pets in the comment section!