People feel excited when they bring a new pup to their place. But it turns out that the dog is a bit confused about itself. Some of them are convinced they are cats and are proving their hoomans hilariously that they are cats.

From climbing trees and cat towers to bonding with their cat roommates, these dogs are convinced that they aren’t dogs but cats. These 20 dogs apparently need to be reminded of what they actually are.

1) On top of it

So this dog has decided he also has a right over the cat tower. He is a bit confused. The cat is going be so mad after seeing that someone has claimed their control over its tower.

2) The balancing act

This dog certainly has some balancing skills. But is he supposed to do this? He even has a cat-face that says, “your fence means nothing to me, I cannot be contained.”

3) Sharing

It’s one thing when a dog takes over a cat tower. But doing so while the cat is on it? The dog has some guts.

While this Dalmatian is happy to share a cute moment with its bestie, the cat appears to be annoyed for sharing its space.

4) If I fits, I sits

Just like a cat finds it comfy to sit in a cardboard box, this dog has the same fetish. It seems as if he is very cozy in it.

5) Fish TV

Leonardo, the dog, has found solace in his new TV, the fish tank. Dogs couldn’t care less about the fishes but he is quite fascinated. He even got a chair to watch his fish show comfortably.

6) Someone call the fire department.

Okay, so this is unexpected.
This kind of behavior is generally expected from a cat. I guess the bird flew away whom this dog was chasing. I wonder how he got up there. Someone call the fire department, please.

7) Finding Balance

It seems dogs have forgotten the concept of the fence. The dog-owner picked their pup from the kennel and found this.

Cats land gracefully but I doubt in this case.

8) Well, hello

Cats are pets that can fit anywhere. They casually sit at literally random places. But you don’t expect this from your dog. It’s amusing to find the dog in the sink. I hope next time it’s not in the oven.

9) Couch crashers

Apparently, it’s a cat place to sleep but the dogs don’t care. It’s just that the owner might soon have to replace the sofa. They are going to leave a great dent.


10) Dude, Help!

The owner says the cat doesn’t have a problem in sharing its space with the dog. But the look on his face says otherwise. It’s least amused by its company.

11) It’s for leaning.

Dogs think everything belongs to them (then again, so do cats). Maybe this cute canine saw the cat’s great window perch and decided to take advantage.

12) Table for one

You have seen a cat taking space all over the table. You must have told it to get off a million times. But it’s entirely different to see this dog taking up all the place.

13) How much is that doggie in the window?

You expect to see a cat sitting on the window sill. Can you imagine a dog fitting on the sill? It would be the last thing expected by a person passing by.

14) Snow day

It seems that the owner isn’t letting the dog go out in the snow. So the dog has to make a way to enjoy the view. Even if it means blocking the view for others.

15) Album Cover

4 pets, 4 seats – they’ve got all the bases covered and look pretty cool doing it.

And these cats don’t even look like they mind having canine company in their cat tree.

16) Tower of fluff

This cat, on the other hand, is not ok with the family dog taking up one whole shelf on the cat tree.

17) It’s all about balance.

Well, that’s odd. Apparently this dog likes fire hydrants so much he wants to perch atop one.

18) Power tower

This dog just wants to get along with the owner’s boyfriend’s pets. It seems it’s going well.

19) Howl at the moon

Another stunt on the fence. Seems he is howling for his accomplishment.

20) Arm resting

This chocolate lab doesn’t seem content to sit on the couch with her mom. Instead, she wants to be more cat-like and perch on the armrest over her head.