Whenever we have a bad day, all we want to do is come home and cuddle our furry friends because it makes us smile instantly. They are so cheerful and paw-sitive that with them everything becomes memorable. And they never do anything to trouble us (or they do but unintentionally). 

We are not just about the amount of hair that they shed or the mess they create while playing around. It’s also about the time when they decide to become Sherlock Holmes and try to solve the case of the missing sock or when they try to protect us (from actually no one). But we can’t scold them because they never mean to harm. And they are so cute and precious. How can we stay even a single second getting angry at them? 

Rather than scolding these precious babies, we are celebrating them with a famous Twitter page called WeRateDogs. This page is started to rate the dogs on a scale of 1 to 10. We know this scale is too small. That’s why we have collected the pictures of good boys and girls who have scored a record-breaking 14/10. 

Scroll down for a daily dose of cuteness.

Rodney knows how to enjoy the weekend.

More power to you Barley!

In the battle between Thor and gravity, looks like gravity won.

A well-taught good boy indeed.

That’s so cute!

No matter what your age is, if you are surrounded by cute dogs, you will start petting them. And this is actually the best thing about dogs. They have a super aura and magical powers to win everyone’s heart just by their cute smile. With their innocence, they soothe our anxious mind and lost soul. There are so many dogs who offer this service professionally too. They are called therapy dogs. You can usually see them at a hospital or vet’s clinic.

Oh! that look on Baloo’s face is extremely serious.

Aww, better be careful next time.

Buddy was here.

Blue is a total sweetheart.

Good to see the two bond.

Doggos are making great progress we must say.

This is has got to be the cutest meteorite we have ever seen.

The expression om Hazel’s face though.

Aww… poor baby!

Aww… surely deserves some good boy pats.

That’s a beautiful hairy mess.

Augie Turns 20! She’s a big girl now.

Such an angel baby.

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