Attention, dog lovers! 

Today is going to be the best day of your life. Why? Because we will bless your pretty little eyes with the adorable picture of cute dogs who just got adopted. OMG! 

We can’t keep calm after seeing the cute faces of these precious little babies. And we bet that even you would smile ears to ears once you have seen these pictures. These photos perfectly show how happy these furry babies are after they got are a new home. Awww! 

If you have ever adopted a cute little pet, you would know how it feels to bring a new member into your house. But if you have never adopted, maybe this post will give you the motivation that you need to say yes to adoption. 

Scroll down and bless your eyes with the most perfect thing on this planet.

1. “Couldn’t decide a name so I just kept calling her Little. So meet Little!”

Bringing this adorable bubba home!

2. “My girlfriend said we should rescue a puppy. I present to you – Bundy.”

Say hello to Bundy!

3. “Not sure if I adopted a dog or a hyena. Meet Eddie!”

‘Who took my biscuit?’

4. “Got a new puppy and he doesn’t like sleeping alone. Came downstairs to this”

Seems like both are having a very peaceful sleep!

5.”After temporarily fostering him for a week, we decided to permanently adopt Toby! The best thing I’ve ever failed at.”

We couldn’t be happier for this little guy!

6. “Meet Princess Leia! Our first addition to the family”

Welcome to the newest member!

7. “My 30th birthday gift to myself…meet Ember “

Most adorable birthday present!

8. “I got my first puppy! Meet Kylo. He is very sleepy after exploring a new home.”

Poor thing! But sleep will be pretty nice!

9. “I’ve wanted a dog for about ten years but my work or living situations were never right. Everything’s lined up now and I’ve got my puppy. Just wanted to share my little dude!”

Aww!! Finally, someone got what they have been wanting!

10. “My friend adopted this cutie.”

Here at your service, sir!

11. “After 14 years. I have accomplished my goal. He was being neglected, but now he will never be neglected again. Meet Link, the pit shepherd mix. Approx. 4 months old.”

Baby will now get the attention he deserves!

12.”Newly adopted and already ear replaceable.”

‘Hooman, you are also irreplaceable’

13. “Meet my new dog, Alibi. I think she likes me.”

Want someone in my life who looks at me like like Alibi is looking at its parent.

14. “Met my best friend yesterday and brought him home!”

The happiest little companion!

15. “Meet Reggie. Arrived with us at 9 am and already settled in so well”

Someone looks really excited!

16. “Hi everyone, meet Ghost!”

And how pretty is this Lil bubba!

17.”I went to the shelter to adopt a dog, and I found those two in this posture, I couldn’t separate them so I end up adopting both of them.”

So grateful to this amazing human who didn’t separate these two pals!

18. “Got my 8-year-old son his first puppy tonight. Meet Sage.”

Love how these pups’ eyes are glowing with happiness!

19. “WATCH ME TWIRL, DADDY! This was the first morning after he was adopted from the humane society.”

Doggos are definitely the world’s best therapist!

20. “Became a dog dad recently! Meet Ember!”

I hope Ember is given unconditional love!

21. “My first rescue. She’s a scared, timid, beautiful one eye baby”

Don’t be scared, Lil baby! Good times are here!

22. “Check out this Lil bean we adopted today!!”

There is nothing more beautiful and happier than the love of a dog!

23. “Coming home from dog shelter with this girl!”

What a perfect duo! *tears of happiness*

24. “We’re having a baby in February. Thought “why not ruin our sleep schedule 6 months early”. Meet Echo!”

Seems like this couple is ready for sleepless nights and infinite happiness!

25.”Meet Zuko!”

Dogs will understand your pain better than anyone else!

26. “We were declined by one rescue because we had a German Shepherd, so we adopted from the SPCA and they are best friends!”

Who said cats and dogs can never be friends?

27. “Just adopted this little girl!! She’s missing an eye but that’s okay:)”

One-eyed with cuteness overloaded!

28. “This is Shadow. My parents adopted her last week. Her tail has not stopped wagging since (evident by the blur right behind her)”

Money can surely buy a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.

29. “Got married this weekend and couldn’t go on a honeymoon due to the pandemic. So my wife and I adopted a new puppy instead. This is Oreo, he’s a Papillon. His ears should be symmetrical but he doesn’t care.”

Home is where your dog comes to greet you with infinite kisses!

30. “Doggo is super happy to have a new member of the family”

Dogs can surely make your whole life better!