Let’s face the facts. Although our dogs are very active and enthusiastic, they are probably not that good at hide-and-seek. They might try to hide for a number of reasons. It might be because they have ruined something that the family loved or because they don’t want to go to the vet.

While cats are very agile and adept at hiding, perhaps because of their smaller size. The same cannot be said for these dogs. Dogs really don’t understand the concept of hiding.  They seem to think that if they can’t see us, we can’t see them. But what it does do is create some hilarious images and the Internet obviously loves anything to do with dogs.

So scroll along and have a good laugh!

#1 At least he tried

#2 He is just trying to keep warm

#3 The butt doesn’t count

#4 All I see is a white rug

#5 This orientation is really messing with me

#6 Nothing to see here

#7 A bathroom mat, nothing else

#8  Ready to play the piano

#9 ‘You can’t see me.’

#10 Are we sure he isn’t stuck?

#11 Whose legs do they belong to?

#12 ‘Just take your clothes and leave.’

#13 Taking a nap

#14 The bathroom tiles are nice and cool

#15 ‘I can’t hear you, la la laa.’

#16  ‘I brought you the newspaper.’

#17 Just look at that smile!

#18 He just likes the feel of the strings.

#19 Closing your eyes means you’re invisible

#20 Are we sure he is not being smushed