People will come in and go out of your life but dogs won’t. They will protect you and your family until their last breath. Their hearts beat for you. When you come back from office, you’ll be welcomed by a fuzzy little bucket of joy, it can hardly contain that happiness. You feed them with your hands, they treat you like God. When you scratch their belly or pet them, they will put out their whole heart for you.

Sometimes we don’t deserve their unconditional love. We can try to be worthy of their love. Even if we fail, we won’t be less lovable for them.

Here are some photos showing dogs’ unconditional love for their owners and how they are so fond of their hoomans.

1. This is Tony, he refused to leave his human’s side after the man was injured. He fell down while pruning the tree next to his house.

2. Doggos always seem to know when the baby is sick.

3. My dogs always stay on my mom’s side when she feels bad.

4. A little doggo waiting for his human to return from work

5. When your tiny human is finally at home

6. It’s so important to have somebody to bring you some water when you’re sick.

7. Chillin’ with my bro

8. When you feel bad and the ambulance crew is already there

9. The best nurse ever!

10. When she is totally in love with her new brother

11. This is the way my dog says goodbye…

12. And this is the way my dog says hello!

13. My baby is so lucky to have the best crawling trainer!

14. And now my wife’s broken leg is protected enough.

15. Eddie is a therapy dog. He never parts with a bag of toys and rarely leaves the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

16. When you are 3 days old and already have a friend

17. Meet Duncan. He is a diabetic alert dog. When he senses low blood sugar levels, he brings his owner a juice box. 

18. “I’m absolutely sure my dog knows I’m pregnant.”

19. “I’m terrified but I will defend the tiny human anyhow.”

20. “My daddy has been in the hospital for a week. Today is his birthday and the only thing he wanted was to see our dog.”

21. A giant schnauzer is literally protecting my daughter from the waves.

22. “The best moment of my day is returning home to a good hug.”

23. “Our dog fell into an icy pond yesterday. My wife jumped in and saved him. This is how they slept last night.”

24. Personal baby fitness trainer

25. “My dog is trained to respond to anxiety. When he feels your sadness, he makes you hold his paw.”