Hello dog lovers, Kelly the Border Collie and Keira the Australian Shepherd from Taiwan recently went to a farm. They get accompanied by two other Border Collies, where they tried to help their owner harvest dragonfruit. They got tempted by the dragon fruit and the pups were caught red-snouted!
But instead of disciplining the dogs, Kelly and Keira’s owner took out their camera and captured the humorous moment. The images were uploaded on the Internet and got viral putting smiles on the faces of millions.

Scroll down to check out the Border Collie pups having a blast.

“Kelly is 5 years old and she’s super smart. She is also funny, energetic, playful, loving, and always wants to make everybody happy. She can do plenty of tricks on command and she knows the names of all her toys,” Kelly and Keira’s owner told Hiptoro.

“Keira is a 6-month-old Australian Shepherd, so she’s also very playful and energetic with an innocent and trusting heart. She believes everybody and all dogs love her just like we people do.”

The sisters are closely bonded, you would think they are for the same litter. “They’re inseparable and always do everything together.”

“Keira came from C-Square Aussies, the best dog breeders in Taiwan. They helped us a lot to choose the right puppy for Kelly’s personality. They became best friends the moment Keira came to our home.”

The farm where these pictures were taken is about 10 hectares big. The farm also has banana, guava and papayas. “It’s quite easy for the dogs to pick the dragonfruits from the trees because the fruit grows on cactus plants, conveniently hanging down,” the owners added.

Apart from doing all the mischief, Kelly is a certified therapy dog and has helped a lot of elders and kids.

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