Dog owners are spending a lot of time at their houses, probably working from home. In this quarantine lifestyle, their dogs are incredibly comforting.

But, the Canine experts claim that, after receiving an evidently increased amount of attention. The dogs will be affected severely after the lockdown is over.

Quarantine and Dogs- Why the separation anxiety?

The dogs will be affected severely after the lockdown is over.

Undoubtedly, humans are desperately waiting to go out and work. Meanwhile, the dogs got used to spending lots of time with them. When the owners get back to their usual rat race. Their furry friends will experience “extreme separation anxiety”.

As of now, they are constantly growing more and more, accustomed to their attentive owners.  After quarantine, when this constant company is lost, they will be affected.

Roger Mugford is an Animal psychology expert. She shared,

“With such an overload of quality time with their families, dogs are building up a huge reservoir of over-dependency.”

Apart from her Dr. Karen Sueda who is a veterinary behaviorist shared,

“Dogs thrive on consistency and predictability, as we all do. So, any time there’s an abrupt change, it can cause stress.”

Effect of this Separation anxiety

This separation anxiety is not just a fancy word. It is actually psychologically damaging.

According to the ASPCA reports, your pets when in separation anxiety can,
  • Excessively dig or chew.
  • Self-injure themselves.

Furthermore, The American Veterinary Medical Association. shared that about 40% of pet dogs in North America suffer from separation anxiety.

What to do?

Experts suggest that dog owners should allow their pets to spend some alone time. Giving them their own space is the only prevention.