Dogs ar the kindest and the best creatures that can enter in your life. They not only pour you with lots of love but have superpowers that you didn’t realize. They help you and your children in several ways that we are going to tell you about today.

How your dog improves your physical well-being

1. You have a better immune system

18 minutes of petting a dog significantly increases immunoglobulin A, in our saliva which boosts our immune systems and protects from microbes.

2. You recover faster.

After a surgery or an injury, you will recover quickly if you have a dog at home. It also improves your postoperative recovery, and you are more active.

3. You are more active.

You take your dog for frequent walks which increases your physical activity. You remain healthy and visit the doctor less frequently.

4. You find out about your illnesses earlier.

Dogs have excellent sense. They can sense cancer, migraines, seizure and change in blood sugar levels. Pay attention to their behaviour and you’ll be warned if something is wrong.

How your dog improves your psychological well-being

1. You look trustworthy.

People have a positive attitude towards men and women who have dogs. They make you look trustworthy and positive.

2. You appear more attractive.

You not only look good with your dog. But also more approachable and friendly.

3. You experience less stress.

They boost your mood, reduce your stress hormone level and reduce your blood pressure. You will remain happier and healthier.

4. Your mental health improves.

They make you feel more protected, safe and happy. Dogs are the medicine to your anxiety, depression and stress.

How your dog helps your kids

1. Your kids are protected from asthma and eczema.

Studies say the mothers who remain in close contact with dogs during pregnancy, their children are less likely to get affected by eczema. Also, the dog bacteria acts as a protection to asthma.

2. Your kids are healthier.

Children are less likely to get respiratory infections, ear infection and require fewer antibiotics in their first year if you have a dog at home.

3. Your kids are better at problem solving.

If you ask your pets to look after your pets, they tend to develop more critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

4. Your kids are more sociable.

At a school in Vienna, a class with a dog in it had less aggressive behaviour in children and more socially integrated. Thus, this study proves that dogs help your children in being more sociable.