If someone asks you about what do you like the most in your dog, would you have a specific answer? Well, we can’t because we are simply in love with everything and anything they do. From their waging tails, fur, innocent eyes to their ways of showing affection, we just LOVE them. If you haven’t yet seen your dogs toofers, you are missing out on a lot. You think if your dog looks innocent when they make that puppy face, you’ve got to scroll down and see these dogs showing their toofers.

You will have a melt down for sure. So without wasting a minute, quickly scroll down and leave you thoughts in the comment section.

1. Small dog, small toof.

2. Too tired to even bother.

3. ‘Say cheese!’

4. A cute decoration piece for your table.

5. Accidental front camera selfie.

6. Now we know what Toothbrush is actually for…

7. Resting your face on the fence looks different for dogs.

8. ‘Smile for the camera’

9. Teeth game too strong for this pupper!

10. Recognize this face?

11. Since when does this dog look like Sid?

12. When you get caught lying…

13. What face-timing your bae looks like.

14. Now that’s fancyyy

15. How you can’t go out because it’s raining…

Cleaning your dogs teeth with a dog paste and their toothbrush is important for their oral health. You must also take them for frequent visits at the vet for complete cleaning or gums and teeth

16. Tell us this ain’t your younger sibling who ate your food that you’ve been thinking about all day.

17. Cuddling makes this baby smile wide.

18. When you’re mad at your hooman but make sure they don’t forget you exist.

19. ‘You should smile more often.’

20. Your face when you forgot to do something your mother asked an hour ago…

21. Anyone up for Wendy’s this weekend?

22. They can’t see me!!!

23. This doggo might just dominate the world…

24. Those teeth make this dog…

25. ‘HEYYY…why are you coming so nearrr?’

26. When your friends discuss the entire paper.

27. Your face in the midst of a sneeze.

28. Fluffy bear-dog with those teeth made it to the list too.

29. ‘Hoooomaaannn, phtttoppp’

30. A bright smile for a bright day!