Spoiler alert: This post is too cute to handle! 

Just like humans, dogs also have different personalities. And each one is funny, innocent, and bizarre in its own ways. Some dogs like to sleep all day, some like to eat, some likes to play, and then comes Poi, a cute golden retriever who likes to carry plush toys. Yep, you have read it right. 

Poi, short for Poseidon, is a super adorable, smart, and funny dog who never leaves her house without carrying one of her cute plush toys. And the interesting thing is that whenever Poi gets tired, she simply uses the toy as a pillow to sleep. (She is so smart)

To show the world how talented and lovely Poi is, her owner, whose account is called hisCleverUsername, shared some of the super cute pictures. She says that “Poi always loved carrying something in her mouth ever since she was a puppy”. But this is not it because Poi can do a lot more things than this. For instance, this goldie can balance broccoli, lemon, and spoon on her head. OMG!

Scroll down to check the amazing pictures of Poi and her plush toys. Also, don’t skip the interview where we had talked with Poi’s owner.


Her owner told us “Poi is 9 years old! She’s always loved toys. The earliest memory was when we brought her sister, Hades (the Corgi) home. She immediately brought a toy to show Hades but wouldn’t let her play. Poi grabs toys when she gets happy and excited, but especially when we go on walks outside. Having a toy with her is like a security blanket. She also loves using it as a pillow when she’s tired”.


Poi’s owner also told us that “She used to love chasing the laser pointer but she realized the source! Now, she loves carrying the laser pointer instead. She also knows how to point at things with her nose! Sometimes we tease her when she points at things and grabs her something that’s close to where she is pointing”.


The owner further explains that “Poi Poi is actually short for Poseidon! My dog growing up was a Golden Retriever named Jupiter. He was born when the Shoemaker comet hit Jupiter in 1994. Poi carries on his legacy”.


We also ask the owner what currently is Poi’s dearest plush toy, she told us that “She really loves her Pokémon ball! I got her many other toys but she still loves carrying that one the most. When she goes on evening walks, it’s like she’s getting ready to catch a Pokemon.”


The owner also says “I became a vet because my dog, Jupiter, was always sick when I was growing up. I wanted to make him better so that we could play together. Jupiter passed before I fulfilled that dream but now I help my clients. My motivation to make sure others can enjoy their time with their pets for as long as possible”.


She also told us “Poi helps out so much. She’s often at the clinic with me. She actually loves going to work and enjoys greeting the clinic staff with her toy in the break room. Poi’s coparent works at a company providing targeted therapy for canine cancer”.


But there is a sad thing. Poi is diagnosed with cancer. The owner sats  “She’s doing well at the moment and still acts like a puppy. We’re doing everything we can to make sure she continues to live a happy life!”