If you want to enjoy your life, your age should never stop you. After all, age is just a number, right? But if you don’t agree with this thing, keep scrolling to see the pictures of a dog who is in her 20’s.

We are sure that you might be thinking what’s so great about her? Well, the thing is that this cutie is in her golden age and she still plays with the stuffed banana that she got when she was a puppy. 

Her name is Tessa and she is too cute to handle. So, scroll down at your own risk. 

This cutie lives with her mother Shanna Loren. She told us “I found it in a clearance bin at a pet store, but I knew it was the size of the toys she likes. She immediately took the banana the moment I gave it to her.”

“She wants people to acknowledge it before they leave. And when she leaves it, she puts it on the bed that she thinks is best,” she said.

“We ask the guests to tell her they saw her banana so she can lie down. She has never allowed it to be a ‘toy’. It is her little possession and it is her life,” the mother added.

She may be 20 years old but she’s still a puppy inside.