A family in Mississippi reunited with their long-lost dog. Their dear-dog came back home after a long duration of 54 days. the little furry animal was departed with its family due to a tornado.

This Mississippi family is more than delighted because they had lost their hopes.

The dog was gone for almost two months. The departing tornado occurred in the beginning of March 2020.

The dog that found its way back home- Bella

Bella is a healthy Australian shepherd. But, due to the mishap, it was missing for over 54 days.

This weekend was a lucky weekend for both Bella and her parents because she found her way back home.

The family revealed that their dear dog is incredibly intelligent. They specifically mentioned this because Bella alerted their family members of the coming storms quite before it was predicted. However, their house was still demolished.

“This is amazing because to have her back with us, it completes our family now and puts a missing piece back,” shared Eric Johnson.

Mississippi Miracle-

This incredibly happy news came into view when  Eric Johnson made a happy post on his Facebook profile.

He shared the good news with a few photos of Bella who was receiving a well-earned bubble bath post the long separation.


Johnson wrote, “To say that I wasn’t starting to lose hope in ever finding her again would be a lie. At the moment our miracle dog has a full belly of food and is currently sleeping in a warm bed where she belongs.”

Reportedly, Bella was recovered on Sunday approximately 7 kilometers far from home. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue was of great help in this incredible recovery.

Meanwhile, Eric and his wife Faith are recovering from a tornado injury of her own. She had broken two of her ribs due to the storm.

The family has decided to rebuild the house in the same space.

“We’re not going to let fear run us from our property and our home,” Faith said.